Why people talk about ‘conciliation’ when they mean ‘grandparents’

Since I am a mother, the word “vacations” is not any longer a synonymous of relax. And it´s not because I don´t enjoy the wonderful madness that comes from being in a 24/7 schedule with my children, but combining their school calendar with my free days drives me a bit crazy. That´s because I exactly know the risks of taking care of three children under five with an endless battery and a mind designed to get in trouble without any adult supervision. At that time more than ever, I depend on the absolute dedication and generosity of those characters, always undervalued, that support the XXI century family organization: The grandparents. Grandparents who offset a squeaky mismatch between school and work life, which is translated into absurd facts such as that our children have two and half months of summer vacation, three weeks at Christmas, 11 days for Easter… And we, their parents, just have 20 days off that we need to distribute throughout the year with the same attentiveness that a chef uses when he places the finest truffles on his dishes. So, life’s paradoxes, as they have gained a starring role in this social system, the same system pinches them, ‘dribbles’ with their pensions and condemns them to a stressful fight to pay their bills as the only reward for a working lifetime. And that’s why I want to scream with all the strength that Internet provides me: THANKS, GRANDPARENTS!



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